Editing involves more than simply correcting for punctuation and typos. It's also about spotting factual errors or offering suggestions to improve precision and flow. I can approach your text from any one of three different tiers—proofreading, copyediting and revision—to ensure your manuscript, thesis, article or website meets the highest standards of accuracy and readability.


My writing background spans punchy advertising to long-form journalism. As an agency and freelance copywriter, I've helped small businesses craft their messaging, up-and-coming tech companies hone their SEO and global brands perfect their product magazines. As a journalist, I've written with substance and flair on everything from theater to steamboating.


Even in this age of smart translation engines, the human touch remains as vital as ever. I've rendered German texts as varied as high-end automobile magazines, chemistry textbooks and financial software into nuanced, natural English. I practice the Vier-Augen-Prinzip by working closely with native German speakers to ensure that no idiom or cultural reference gets overlooked.

Recent Blog Posts

Porsche 356 book translation
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A German-to-English translation of a respected book documenting the genesis and legacy of the Porsche 356.

New portfolio items, brief byline roundup
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Several new portfolio items, a couple of website tweaks, and a byline roundup after a long break from updates.

New articles & reviews: August and everything after
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The mother of all byline roundups: Articles, translation, copywriting and reviews published between August 2015 and the end of January 2016.

Website Revamp
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A quick update on why the website looks different to the way it did before Christmas and all the things that are still left to be done.

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