New portfolio items, brief byline roundup

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After a little more than two years, I figured it was high time to put aside a few hours to add some new portfolio items and make some tiny visual tweaks to this site — mostly related to how the portfolio rendered and how uniformly the projects were presented.

It took quite a bit of trial and error to determine that the odd “missing teeth” gaps in the one-page portfolio display were being caused by titles and descriptions that exceeded a certain character count. And it was that tedious trial-and-error process that I’d been dreading.

What was added?

There are also new or updated excerpt descriptions, better previews and additional details to existing projects, such as these profiles I did for Gonzaga Magazine a few years ago.

For every cutting that makes its way into the portfolio, there are a dozen that don’t. Here’s a quick journalism byline roundup from the past few weeks:

  • A brief book review (subscriber-only) of Wheeler Winston Dixon’s Black and White Cinema (TLS, February 20)
  • Vienna Calling,” an interview with Maria Ahn previewing the Spokane Symphony’s ‘Vienna, City of Dreams’ concert (Inlander, February 22)
  • Screen Time,” a review of the Spokane Civic Theatre’s production of Two Point Oh (Inlander, March 8)
  • Feeling Festive,” a preview of the myriad upcoming festivals at Stage Left Theater (Inlander, March 15)
  • Love Triangle,” a preview of the Spokane Symphony’s concert featuring works by Robert Schumann, Brahms and Bach (Inlander, April 12)

It’s now almost May, which means that most of my free time is going to be taken up with community volunteering, at least until the Emerson-Garfield Farmers’ Market season ends in late September. In other words, it could be a while before the next update. Though not, I hope, two years.