Website Revamp

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Over the Christmas break I had some welcome downtime, so I took the opportunity to give this website a much-needed makeover.

It now offers much better mobile layout as well as vastly improved presentation of portfolio items and blog posts. There’s also some new dedicated space for testimonials, which I’ll be soliciting and adding over the coming weeks. Stephan Elkins of SocioTrans was kind enough to provide the first.

My big disappointment is loading speed. There’s an unacceptable delay between typing the address into the browser URL bar and the appearance of the first element. Caching plugins aren’t helping. I think the culprit is WordPress multisite and the edits I had to make to .htaccess to get it to work, which is why I’ll be spinning off my personal blog as a discrete WordPress site in the near future. I just need to find more downtime to make those changes.

There’s also a nearly six-month backlog of blog posts with new articles and projects that remains to be tackled. And I’ve got to finesse the old portfolio posts to get them to render properly in the new format. Fun!

In the meantime, feel free to browse and bring any bugs to my attention.