Porsche 356 book translation

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One of the biggest projects I’ve tackled recently was translating Frank Jung’s Porsche 356 – Made by Reutter into US English from its native German on behalf of the publisher Delius Klasing Verlag.

The translation was completed sometime around the middle of last summer (2019), but it naturally took some time for the book to appear in print and then find its way into the warehouses of various distributors.

If you’re into Porsches—or vintage cars in general, for that matter—and don’t mind the rather remarkable Adolf Rosenberger getting short shrift yet again (ARD has a compelling video titled Der Mann hinter Porsche that’s worth watching), the book should prove an interesting read. Even with my fault-finding tendencies and the benefits afforded by hindsight, I’m quite proud of the finished translation.

You can view a small sample here in my portfolio or preview and order a copy on Amazon.com or Amazon.co.uk.