Composers and pastry chefs?

They have it easy.

That’s because most people prefer to leave symphonies and wedding cakes to the experts.

But writing? Heck, everybody can do that.

Well, not exactly. Writing — engaging writing, informative writing, memorable writing — takes real skill. Before pen is even put to paper, it requires a gut-level understanding of the target audience and an expert knowledge of the subject.

And then comes the hard part: conveying every last bit of essential information with just the right balance of elegance, verve, confidence, and readability. That’s as true for literary reviews as it is for translation and technical copywriting.

Anything that falls short of those ideals is a waste of words.

If you’d like to see how others have put my international experience in journalism, copywriting, editing, and German-to-English translation to work for them, please take some time to look over my portfolio.