Diderot’s Diary has existed in one form or another since November 2000. It started on the pre-Google-owned Blogger platform and went through multiple incarnations there before making the leap to WordPress in September 2012. All the posts up to that transition were held in stasis on the Blogger-hosted site before its outdated, eyesore of a template became too much to maintain.

As for me personally: I’ve been blogging for this and other outlets and with varying degrees of frequency since this blog began. My interests include everything except spectator sports. By trade I’m a freelance writer, editor, and translator (German→English). You can find my professional website here.

Diderot’s Diary also used to have a counterpart on Tumblr. But then Verizon bought Tumblr and turned it into a shell of its former self, so I deleted my account on principle. Because failing to act on principle makes us complicit.