These are not the spammers you are looking for

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A quick scan of all the “undeliverable” returned mail in my junk folder leads me to believe that a spam ring — bot or otherwise — is sending out bursts of e-mail under this domain. I apologize to anyone who’s getting Viagra offers or propositions from Eastern European women from an e-mail address. This is the first time I’ve noticed anything untoward. What’s most frustrating is that there’s very little one can do about it; spoofing is as simple as editing the address in the settings of your e-mail client.

At any rate, rest assured that this domain is legit, if obscure, much like the person behind it, which is probably what makes it such an attractive cover for spammers. I’ve since edited the SPF records for the domain to help mitigate the spoofing and assist in flagging the illegitimate messages as junk.