New Articles: Yo La Tengo, Speech & Debate

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A pair of recent articles:

  • A review of Yo La Tengo’s new album Fade (Ink 19, March 4)
  • Debating the Issues,” an interview with playwright Stephen Karam and director Marilyn Langbehn about Interplayers’ production of Speech and Debate, a play that was inspired by the scandal of Spokane mayor Jim West (Inlander, March 7)

Apologies for the subject/verb mismatch in the penultimate graf of the Yo La Tengo review. I only caught it after it went live.

There are many more articles in the pipeline.

A long review of several books in the University of Illinois’ Contemporary Film Directors series is slated to appear in an upcoming TLS. And at the moment I’m working to meet impending deadlines on another article for InHealth (this one is on small-scale gardening), a review of Lars Iyers’ Exodus for Rain Taxi, two profiles for the Inlander‘s Best of 2013 guide, plus a review of In the Heights and a preview of West Side Story for the same publication.

I mention this less out of its newsworthiness and more to keep my mental checklist straight.